This section includes hundreds of bloopers, episode guide for all ten seasons, a Friends dictionary, interesting facts, every magna doodle drawing shown, nicknames, stuff you may have missed, the set, and a page dedicated to the chick and duck.

The gallery includes promotional photos, episode promotional photos, screen captures from episodes, screen captures from award shows, commercials, gag reels, etc., magazine scans, and lots more.

In here you will find things that don’t belong in any other category. Includes a merchandise page with Friends books, dvds, posters, etc. available for sale across the web.

This is a section dedicated to the Friends spin-off “Joey”. It includes bloopers, an episode guide for both seasons, magna doodles, stuff you may have missed, and a photo gallery with cast promotional photos, episode promotional photos, and screen captures.

You’ll find links to other websites, The One With all the Friends updates, and a contact page to contact the site webmistress.