Magna Doodles

Every message or drawing on the Magna Doodle in Chandler and Joey’s apartment is listed here, along with screen captures. Click on the screen capture to view the photo larger.


318: The One With the Hypnosis Tape

Introduced this episode is the Magna Doodle message board, which is stuck to the wall beside the door in Chandler and Joey’s apartment. In later episodes it becomes the source of many hidden gags.

It’s really hard to read, but I think the first column is a list of some sort and the second column I think says, “Joey call your dad”.

319: The One With the Tiny T-Shirt

(Same as episode 318.)

321: The One With A Chick and A Duck

A cartoon face is drawn on it.


402: The One With the Cat

“Thanks for all your stuff.”

Meaning: I’m guessing the thief left this message after he robbed Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

403: The One With the Cuffs

A big smiley face is drawn on it.

407: The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line

Treager has left a message:
“Clean up the duck feathers in the hallway! Treager”

Then later on:
“I love you man!” and a little cartoon face.

408: The One With Chandler In A Box

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” is written on it over and over again.

Meaning: I’d say Chandler is apologising for kissing Kathy.

413: The One With Rachel’s Crush

“Have you seen our view?!” is written on it.

415: The One With all the Rugby

“Nice nails Chandler!” is written on it.

Meaning: In the first scene of this episode, Chandler is getting a manicure done with Rachel.

416: The One With the Fake Party

“Joey eats little v”

Meaning: Ross was actually writing this on the board, but didn’t finish as Rachel opened the door.

Then later on:
“Emily… Bon Voy see ya” is written on it.

Meaning: It was at Emily’s farewell party.

417: The One With the Free Porn

“Clean bathroom”

“Knock, knock, who’s there? PORN!”

418: The One With Rachel’s New Dress

“No work” sign.

419: The One With all the Haste

“What’s up bro?” is written on it.

420: The One With the Wedding Dresses

“Get out!”

422: The One With the Worst Best Man Ever

“Another one bites the dust” can just be made out.


504: The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS

“Evil Joe” is written on it and fire flames are drawn under it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x04

506: The One With the Yeti

“WHY” is written on it in bold letters.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x06

507: The One Where Ross Moves In

“No girls allowed” is written on it.

Possible Meaning: Joey probably wrote it after building a fort with all the boxes.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x07

Then later on:
A smiley face is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x07

508: The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks

Number 327 inside a heart with wings and “bye” is written under it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x08

509: The One With Ross’s Sandwich

Saturn and stars are drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x09

510: The One With the Inappropriate Sister

“SHOT” is written on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x10

A palm tree on an island is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x10

511: The One With all the Resolutions

A coffee cup is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x11

512: The One With Chandler’s Work Laugh

“Joey – call Kim” is written on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x12

Then later on “Joe Kim called again” is written on it.

514: The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Two little people skiing and snowboarding.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x14

515: The One With the Girl Who Hits Joey

“C.B. + M.G. 4 EVER” written inside a heart.

Meaning: They’re all trying to freak Chandler out.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x15

516: The One With the Cop

“Joey your agent called” is written on it.

Then later on:
A target is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x16

518: The One Where Rachel Smokes

“Joey, Carole wants you to call her!!”

Magna Doodle Friends 5x18

519: The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt

New York City is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x19

520: The One With the Ride Along

A face.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x20

521: The One With the Ball

A spaceship is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 5x21


603: The One With Ross’s Denial

An island with palm trees on it, a shark in the water and a man sitting in a boat.

604: The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance

Two fish are drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 604

606: The One On the Last Night

A mountain with a cactus growing out of it.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x06

607: The One Where Phoebe Runs

A truck stuck on a hill with a person standing next to it. “Oops!” is written above it.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x07

608: The One With Ross’s Teeth

A unicorn and love hearts are drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x08

609: The One Where Ross Got High

An astronaut is standing on the moon and there is a spaceship near by, and you can see Earth in the background.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x09

610: The One With the Routine

An arm with a Santa Claus puppet on his hand.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x10

Meaning: It’s Christmas time!

611: The One With the Apothecary Table

A dragon breathing fire is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x11

612: The One With the Joke

A deer and a man are drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x12

618: The One Where Ross Dates A Student

(not sure)

619: The One With Joey’s Fridge

Two snowboarders or skateboarders on a half-pipe.

620: The One With the Mac and CHEESE

A robot head is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x20

Chandler started to write a message for Joey but only got “Joey” and a big scribble on there.

Magna Doodle Friends 6x20

Later on Chandler writes another message:
“Mac audition at 2:00 allergy actor attacked.” He then adds: “By dog, not flowers.”

Magna Doodle Friends 6x20

621: The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad

Something is written on it but is unreadable.

623: The One With the Ring

“Rachel call D’ward St. George”

624: The One With the Proposal

A racing car is drawn on it.


701: The One With Monica’s Thunder

A drawing of a little girl.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x01

702: The One With Rachel’s Book

Two hands holding a heart and the heart is wearing a crown. Also known as a Claddagh Ring.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x02

705: The One With the Engagement Picture

A surfer surfing.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x05

706: The One With the Nap Partners

A motorbike is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x06

707: The One With Ross’s Library Book

Drawing of the Earth.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x07

709: The One With all the Candy

A drawing of a dreidel.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x09

711: The One With the Cheesecakes

Police cars and a helicopter have surrounded a house.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x11

712: The One Where They’re Up All Night

A big cup of coffee is drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x12

713: The One Where Rosita Dies

“USDA PRIME” written inside a shield.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x13

714: The One Where They All Turn Thirty

“Happy Birthday RACH”

Meaning: It was Rachel’s birthday.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x14

715: The One With Joey’s New Brain

A drawing of a wizard.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x15

716: The One With the Truth About London

A drawing of a man and a dog on a see-saw.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x16

718: The One With Joey’s Award

A drawing of a fish.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x18

720: The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss

A drawing of a bicycle.

Magna Doodle Friends 7x20


803: The One Where Rachel Tells

King Kong climbing up a building.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x03

804: The One With the Videotape

A drawing of a cute seal.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x04

Later on, “I (drawing of a heart) NY”.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x04

805: The One With Rachel’s Date

Drawing of a worm sitting on top of a mushroom and a bunny sitting underneath.

807: The One With the Stain

Drawing of two robots in a boxing ring.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x07

808: The One With the Stripper

Drawing of the moon and the US flag stuck in it.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x08

809: The One With the Rumor

Drawing of a basketball with “One New York” written on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x09

810: The One With Monica’s Boots

FDNY is written on it in bold letters and a drawing of the Statue of Liberty.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x10

811: The One With Ross’s Step Forward

A drawing of a honeyeater and some flowers.

812: The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

Drawing of the sun and moon.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x12

813: The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath

Drawing of a train.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x13

814: The One With the Secret Closet

Drawing of a hockey goalie.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x14

815: The One With the Birthing Video

A drawing of a man on a motor bike.

816: The One Where Joey Tells Rachel

Drawing of a face.

Magna Doodle Friends 8x16


903: The One With the Pediatrician

(Not sure) Could be a drawing of a shark.

906: The One With the Male Nanny

A drawing of a boat.

Magna Doodle Friends 9x06

914: The One With the Worse Dates

A drawing of three baby ABC blocks stacked on top of each other.

Magna Doodle Friends 9x14

916: The One With the Boob Job

A drawing of a cat or dog.

Magna Doodle Friends 9x16

917: The One With the Memorial Service

Drawing of a tooth and toothbrush. Also written on it is “Dr. Banal 3:00”.

Magna Doodle Friends 9x17

919: The One With Rachel’s Dream

Drawing of a donkey pulling a cart.

Magna Doodle Friends 9x19

920: The One With the Soap Opera Party

Drawing of Hello Kitty.

921: The One With the Fertility Test

“Happy Birthday Gizzy 5.1.91” is written on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 9x21


1001: The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss

A drawing of a kangaroo with a baby kangaroo in its pouch. The words “Joey” and an arrow pointing to the baby kangaroo.

1003: The One With Ross’s Tan

The word “Emma” is written on it and a teddy bear drawn on it.

Magna Doodle Friends 10x03

1004: The One With the Cake

The letter “1” is drawn on it and the words “Happy, happy”.

Meaning: It’s Emma’s birthday.

Magna Doodle Friends 10x04

1007: The One With the Home Study

Drawing of a giant snail.

1008: The One With the Late Thanksgiving

Drawing of two dogs with “Lil Dog & Sara” written under it.

1009: The One With the Birth Mother

There’s a small drawing of a car and something else I’m not quite sure of.

1012: The One With Phoebe’s Wedding

Drawing of a champagne bottle and two glasses.

Magna Doodle Friends 10x12

1013: The One Where Joey Speaks French

Drawing of a deep sea diver, an octopus and jellyfish.

Magna Doodle Friends 10x13

1015: The One Where Estelle Dies

A drawing of a banana? holding an umbrella.

Magna Doodle Friends 10x15

1017: The Last One, Pt 1

Drawing of a volcano.